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All Ways to Give-and-Get-Life

All Ways to Give-and-Get-Life

These are all the ways to give Life and get Life, to become saved and saviour of Life:

- Learning about Prāṇāyu by requesting our articles, newsletters, product list..

- Requesting conferences, classes, courses, treatments, consultations…

- Organizing an event like conference, workshop, camps...

- Establishing a contact between us Sādhus Sadhvīs, Mātāji, Prabhuji, Guru-bhagavant, Saints, Saṅgha, Gurukulavāsa for needful for health assistance, as-well-as for diffusion…

- Connecting us with all other ahiṃsāka - non-violent individual, group, movement, initiative and like-minded endeavours...

- Practising by consulting and using Prāṇāyus’s products.

- Sponsoring our work by contributing financially to general or specific projects.

- Volunteering from distance or locally.

- Teaching stories, legends, and all ancient wisdoms or sciences

- Teaching languages of Ahiṃsā, Sanskṛt, Prākṛt, Hindi, Gujerati

- Translating in all Indian languages, English, French, etc.

- Donating objects like old cottons, utensils, containers, wood, organic foods, seeds, tools, traditional objects, mechanical clocks...

- Entering in the family by sharing your contact

With heartfelt merciful faithful gratitude


Heartfelt welcome for contacting us

Phone: +91 8000 90 4933

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Main address:

प्राणायु Karnataka office Ahimsādama-Kṣamāśrama

Betne Gram, Kanakumbi BO, Khanapur Taluka, Belgavi Pradesh 591345 INDIA

Legal registration:

प्राणायुप्रतिष्ठानम् Sajīva Ahiṃsā Paramparā Protecting Life With Ancestral Ahiṃsā Traditions.

Pranayu organisation since 2013, Rest under the Trust regulation act, Registration under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 , (29th of Mumbai act 1950) at Bhuj office with the registration number of the public trust F-3465 on the 08th September 2020; And rest under the Societies Registration Act 1860 | (Act XXI of 1860) Registration No. GJ / 3284 / Kutch on the 08th September 2020