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Life Science

Sharing the knowledge of ecology, medicine and symbiotic lifestyles for sustainable development and safeguard of the planet...

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Protecting biodiversity and the equilibrium of ecosystems, as an essential condition for human health and for Life...

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Food Security

Working for food security and fighting against malnutrition for vulnerable populations in India....

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Child Protection

Acting for childhood protection and for education, to reveal the potential of those who will build tomorrow's world...

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Reforestation Project

Since 2016, an average of 28 million hectares of forest have been wiped off each year. That is equivalent to one football field of forest lost every second. That is also roughly the size of France in a year.

This deplorable deforestation affects the biosphere of Eartḥ. About eighty percent of plants and land animals live in forests. Because of this mass destruction of trees, around 50,000 species that include animals, insects and plants become extinct every year resulting in a rapidly shrinking biodiversity.

Biodiversity is thoroughly interdependent on agrodiversity. Both of them are upheld by wild ecosystem preservation and sajiva agriculture (organic and traditional life promoting agriculture).

Located amidst the red-light ecological sensitive zone of the exotic Shayadri Mountains in Karnataka, India, Prāṇāyu will engage the expertise of local tribes of India -the Ādivāsis for its reforestation projects. With local help it aims to replant indigenous wild vegetables, millets, and ayurvedic plants that will be useful for both humans and animals in the most sustainable way possible. The seeds for plantation will be curated from our own finest organic nutrition-dense seed bank.


All our projects are interconnected and are especially built around the theme of Parasparopagraho Jīvānām (Tattvarthasutra of Umaswati circa 2nd century CE). It is the deep understanding of mutual interdependence between all Life forms or all Life forces. This principle has been very well expressed in Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health A State of Knowledge Review (cf World Health Organisation in the report of Convention on Biological Diversity in 2015).

The Vanaprajñā project is keenly focused in creating awareness and protecting of our earth’s fragile biodiversity by involving in:

  • Reforestation projects that replant wild vegetables and fruits, millets, and ayurvedic plants
  • Nurture back the rapidly shrinking indigenous wild herbs that feed and heal both humans and animals
  • Creating awareness campaigns and unifying local communities to help support ecological conservation
  • Researching and publishing scientific articles to highlight importance of biological diversity and reforestation
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"Prāṇāyu is an association humanitarian, of general interest, for the protection of biodiversity, agrodiversity, the balance of ecosystems, all practices and essential knowledge for the human health and to Life".